Growth Agency: what is it and how to choose it?

Does a Growth Agency really need your business?

In previous articles we talked about digital transformation and the three components of digital transformation. Today we’re going to talk about what a Growth Agency is, or more specifically, what a Growth Consulting is, why we made the choice to orient BiscuitWay‘s business in this direction and what are the tools in favor of the client in order to avoid big mistakes in the choice.

Let’s start right away with a premise. We are not a simple Web Agency!

Calling ourselves Growth Agency and Growth Consulting, deciding to structure a company to provide this kind of services, was a brave choice.

Here are the reasons why:

  • The term Growth has been laboriously cleared by Growth Hacking and is still hardly juxtaposed with a consulting agency.
  • Google search volumes on the Growth Agency keyword are still low.
  • Today it’s much more complicated to explain what kind of mindset we apply, unlike digital agencies.

It sounds like we’re crazy but….

…It was already clear to us in 2018 what the next step of the real needs of startups, SMEs and Corporates would be. Why?

  1. We knew full well that the digitization process could not remain as it was and would make a necessary level up.
  2. We knew that our experience in the field, having in the past built, worked and struggled on “our” startups, would come in very handy in having a 360° view of all the components of success or failure.

Unlike digital agencies, a Growth Agency is no longer a classic service provider. It is an external piece of your company and acts with a holistic approach.

But what is a holistic approach?

Holism (from greek ὅλος hòlos, ie “total”, “global”) is a theoretical position according to which the properties of a system can not be explained exclusively by its individual components, since the functional sum of the parts is always greater, or otherwise different, the same parts taken individually.

The typical example found in the literature is that of the biological organism: a living being, as such, must always be considered as a complex unit-totality, not reducible to a simple assembly of its constituent parts. Thus, each business and each company have unique characteristics that must be analyzed before any action is taken.

It is absolutely obvious that a growth agency invests a lot more time and resources on its clients, therefore, you tend to specialize on two or three areas that you know particularly well and for which you can guarantee a minimum of results.

What does a Growth Agency do?

A true Growth Agency helps you grow your business in every way possible. This includes – but is not limited to – support in the following areas:

  • It helps you analyze your critical business issues
  • It drives to analyze your target market
  • It teaches you to make choices not only based on your feelings but with a data driven approach
  • It helps align marketing and sales
  • It supports the construction of a social media strategy
  • It drives to focus on brand identity and market positioning
  • It allows you to digitize your internal processes
  • It designs, develops and optimizes your website, e-commerce, blog, etc.

In a nutshell, it’s a Growth Agency’s job to work with all business departments to cut costs, improve efficiency, generate more qualified leads, and increase revenue and EBITDA.

How can you choose the right Growth Agency?

Again, a premise is necessary – there aren’t a lot of them around. It’s not easy to find an agency totally dedicated to your business growth. Just like it’s not easy to find an agency that says NO if you ask them to create a website that doesn’t make sense for your business growth.

If you are considering locating a Growth Agency here are some things to consider during your search:

Find a team that specializes in your field

As I mentioned earlier, the job of a Growth Agency is really challenging. You have to focus on growing an entire company that you don’t know. There is a lot to analyze and a lot to remember. You need someone who understands your industry, your target buyers and the details of your processes.

Search numbers and metrics

Growth agencies should work primarily on numbers. Once they have analyzed your business, they should be able to offer together real and specific goals for your future. They should set goals such as:

  • What impact will business efficiencies have and how quickly will the investment cost be recovered?
  • How soon will the interventions be implemented and made operational?
  • What are the costs and ROI of creating a digital sales channel?
  • How effective will be the company’s brand reputation and brand awareness in the medium/long term?
  • How many more leads will they indicatively generate, outlined a target budget?
  • How many of those leads will convert into sales opportunities?
  • And how many of those sales prospects will close as customers?

Find a Growth Agency with a solid strategy

Every agency will say that their strategy is the best. First, you need to make sure that the agencies you’re reviewing have actual, specific strategies that drive growth. Second, as much as possible, you need to make sure they work.

For example start with their website, analyze if they do what they propose for your company on their business card.

Schedule a meeting

I’ve talked before about how a Growth Agency is a kind of branch, even if external to your company. That’s because this innovative approach makes them more of a partner than a service provider. You will be working closely with them, realistically for a long time. You need to feel positive vibes or at least feel that you can work with them on a regular basis.

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Sergio Serafini

Head Of Innovation

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