Why do you need a T-Shaped Marketer?

Marketing Manager: who is the right professional for your company?

There you are, you are again looking for the communication agency for your company. Each time they promise you great things, fireworks and “out of the box” ideas and yet, time and time again, you don’t feel satisfied!

What’s going on. How come no one can completely understand your needs as a business owner?

Simple, maybe for your company you don’t need a marketing manager, but a T-shaped Marketer!

Who is a T-shaped Marketer?

If you’ve never heard of a T-shape trained marketer, you might think I just made it up just to get you hooked on reading the article. But I swear, I’m not talking about a mythological figure, and I assure you he exists.

What characterizes a T-profile in the marketing world is the multidisciplinary approach, spanning all areas of marketing and beyond.

If you don’t think you’ve ever met such a professional, the reason is simple: marketing is a very broad field, which means there are plenty of opportunities to specialize in various areas.

I confess, in the world of media agencies spotting a T-shaped marketer is difficult and somewhat rare.

Usually, agencies work in watertight compartments, with a clear and precise distinction between the various departments: the Social Media Manager, the Digital Strategist, the Copywriter, the SEO Specialist, the UX designer, the Project Manager, the Web Developer, and so on and so forth.

What are the skills of a marketing expert with a T-profile?

Working in a Growth Consulting, where the primary objective is the 360° growth of the client’s company, the multidisciplinary approach is essential, not only for those who deal with Marketing, but for the entire team.

Each member of BiscuitWay is committed to developing skills that travel in horizontal and vertical lines, just to form a T, especially to meet the needs related to the Digital Transformation journey that our customers require of us.

The T-profile digital marketing specialist framework.

Regarding the training framework of such a specialist, there are 3 levels:

  1. Basic knowledge of the digital world
  2. Marketing knowledge
  3. Specific channel skills

A marketing manager who has to follow the all-round growth of your company must have a basic horizontal knowledge of all the fields that come into play in the process of developing a business.

Instead, he/she must be absolutely vertical in the field of marketing to be able to create a marketing strategy consistent with everything about the company, its products/services and business needs. So, he/she will have SEO, SEM, Funnel, Social Media, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, DEM, PPC Campaigns, Digital PR, Community Management, Data Analytics, etc..

Warning! The goal will not be to develop the mere marketing campaign, but to put together a marketing strategy by leveraging a generalist knowledge database and collaborating with team members.

Why rely on a T-shaped expert?

A marketing manager with such a profile helps clients develop a marketing strategy from A to Z. He or she will be able to create more accurate strategies by collaborating with the entire team, not just the marketing department section.

Companies need marketing experts with multidisciplinary training because they have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal that is both broad and constantly updated.

The future of effective marketing lies in this concept of interdisciplinary knowledge.

Especially in the digital world, there is too much complexity, time, resources and information available for consumers to ignore or avoid any one area. It becomes essential that a solid marketing plan includes a wide variety of different elements in order to drive growth, sales and conversions.

Not all markers are the same, choose yours carefully!

Written By

Gabriella Massara

Marketing Specialist

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