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The soufflé deflates without the right doses!

Professionals, Startups and companies too often start the realization of the project without the right awareness.

Haste can be a bad advisor! Before starting the development of your business you need to know the market, analyze the data and create a clear and timely roadmap of everything that is really necessary to start your project.

If you believe that your business is unique on the market and has no competitors, there are two reasons: either you do not have the right awareness of the target market, or no one feels the need to buy your product. A careful market analysis is necessary to identify the target and understand what the opportunities and objections you will have to face will be.

What will be the sources of income for your business? What about the costs? Will it be sustainable? To start a new business, you shouldn't rely on chance, but have a clear and timely idea of all possible projections right away and check their feasibility. Basically, you need the Business Plan like cheese on macaroni!

The key to the success of the project is also based on the ability to execute, so it is inevitable to have a roadmap with clear and real objectives that involves all departments. Two of the methods we use to set goals are SMART and CLEAR. During this phase the scope of the project is defined and a management plan developed. This involves identifying costs, quality, available resources and a realistic timetable. Once the objectives have been set, the focus will be on measuring the progress and performance of the project, through key performance indicators (KPIs), to ensure that everything that happens is in line with the management plan.

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