E-commerce for the sale of traditional Alpine food and wine products.

What we have done


LARIX ventures Sagl is a Swiss company, located in Lugano, whose mission is to promote and support the small independent food and wine productions of the Alpine territory.

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The LARIX project was mainly focused on the redesign of the online shop for the retail sale of food and wine products of the Alpine tradition, to improve the flow and tell the atmosphere and flavors of mountain places in an innovative and effective way.

The User Experience, Graphic Design and Marketing departments have worked closely with the company to finalize the redesign of the e-commerce. The UX design of the new flow was based on the paradigm of “Mobile First”, essential for a good indexing on search engines, but also to make the platform more accessible to customers and facilitate the purchase. The graphic design and the persuasive texts were created in order to amplify the knowledge of the Brand Identity of the company and enhance its strengths through the technique of visual and textual Storytelling.

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